Climate change, drought and other factors are leading many people to turn to xeriscaping to conserve water. It’s a landscaping style requiring little water beyond what it receives from the natural climate, or at the very least, minimal irrigation. It provides people with up to 75 percent savings on their water bill and its climate-friendly.

There are 7 principles of xeriscaping: water-smart planning and design; low-water plants; limited grassy areas; water harvesting techniques; efficient irrigation systems; mulch; and proper maintenance. Many individuals that aren’t ready to completely transition to a strict xeriscaping model employ a hybrid option.

In residential areas, over 50 percent of water usage is for gardening, lawns and landscaping. Xeriscaping utilizes drought-tolerant trees and plants, along with mulch, rocks and elements such as statuary. That doesn’t mean that people need to go without bright blossoms or shade around their homes. There are plenty of plants that serve the same purpose and xeriscaping is presenting individuals with unique new possibilities.

Flowers that are drought resistant include daffodils, coneflowers, lavender and California poppy, along with lantana, Russian sage, moss roses, yarrow and cacti. There are also trees that can withstand low-water conditions and produce shade encompassing evergreens, burr oak, Northern catalpa, hackberry, London planetree, and Kentucky coffeetree.

Instead of water-dependent grass, the landscape will include grasses that survive on a fraction of the water needed for a traditional lawn. Xeriscaping encompasses mulching to save moisture, decorative rocks, and companion planting of species that have similar moisture needs. Xeriscaping requires far less maintenance, with weeding and pruning being the primary tasks.

The native plants used in xeriscaping are typically more resilient to pests and don’t necessarily require fertilizer. It eliminates the need for chemicals to control pests and weeds, saves water, provides natural habitats, and preserves native species. It also saves space in landfills and decreases air pollution and noise pollution, with no mowing needed.

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