Most people think in terms of one or the other when considering a fence or hedge. Home and business owners don’t have to limit themselves to just one option. There are charming and innovative ways for individuals to combine both if they desire.


A living hedge has a softer, more natural look. A myriad of bushes can be used to accommodate varying height preferences and to create a formal or informal look. Hedges are less expensive, offer some shade, and provide shelter for wildlife. They’re also beneficial as a noise barrier, make a good windbreak, and increase the value of the property.

The drawback is that they can require several years to reach mature height and will require work to maintain a pleasing appearance. They can also easily encroach on the property of others if not trimmed regularly and may require a permit to install.


While fences have a harder appearance than a hedge, they’re also far more effective at keeping people out if security is an issue. Fencing options are now available that are eco-friendly, almost entirely maintenance free, and can even withstand hurricane force winds. Depending upon the type of fencing, they won’t need painting or staining.

A fence will almost definitely require a permit to install. They’re more expensive, but offer a good return on the investment. Fencing offers instant privacy, security, and a barrier against sound.

Hedges and Fences

The two can be combined for the most advantageous benefits of both. The most common pairing is chain link or fencing with a wrought iron look that’s combined traditional hedge plantings. The fence is placed on the outside for security and the hedge is planted on the inside of the fence. The arrangement will keep children and pets contained in safety and the plantings will provide shade and noise barrier.

No Simple Choice

Fencing, hedges or a combination of both each have their adherents. Ultimately, the decision will be up to the home or business owner, their budget, and the primary reason for the installation. It’s best to consult with a landscaping professional that can provide advice on the different options available.

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