Businesses often overlook the importance of maintaining their landscaping. It’s a consideration that’s outside of daily operations, but can make a significant difference to a company’s reputation and bottom line.

Image is Everything

A business with well-kept landscaping is perceived by customers, vendors and visitors as one with which they’d like to conduct commerce. It welcomes individuals, aids in new client acquisition, and conveys a subtle message that the business offers an elevated level of service. The aesthetic value for presentation of the business should never be underestimated.

Safety and Security

Landscaping is just as important as maintaining indoor repairs. Business landscaping can also encompass keeping sidewalks and pathways level and clean, along with maintaining water features. Dead branches or leaf piles are unattractive and can lead to injuries.

Landscaping aids in mitigating the potential for customer or employee accidents and injuries that can result in loss of employee time and customer litigation. It’s also an important security measure that limits the ability of intruders and vandals to find hiding spaces.

Greater Employee Productivity

Employees that arrive to a workplace with well-groomed grounds have a better mood and are more productive overall. The landscape also provides them with an invigorating environment in which to take breaks. They have greater pride in their work and the company.

Mitigates the Spread of Plant Disease and Pests

Even small landscapes can fall prey to a wide variety of plant-based diseases and insect pests. If left unchecked, they can spread to contaminate other landscapes and even home lawns and gardens. Regular maintenance is an effective way of mitigating that potential.

The Search for Sustainability

Many customers and clients are seeking out businesses that are eco-friendly. Businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by planting native species that sustain pollinators and other native wildlife. It’s an effective way to promote similar practices within the community and improve the public image of the company.

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