A well designed and maintained landscape is beautiful to behold. Unfortunately, there are a number of things that can occur that will ruin the entire landscape. Some situations you can control, others you can’t.


Insects are all around, but an infestation is something to avoid at all costs. The problem with insects is that you never know when they’re going to appear, from where, and in what numbers. There’s also the potential for an invasive species with no natural predators. Trying to control them with chemical methods can result in the death of beneficial insects and your plantings.

Too Much Water

South Florida receives a significant amount of rain each year and it’s typically more than enough to keep plants hydrated. However, the area is also at the mercy of hurricanes and storm surges that can wash miles inland. Plants don’t like salt water. Even localized flooding from a heavy rain can be detrimental.


While drought isn’t a situation that typically occurs in Florida, the possibility does exist. Install a programmable irrigation system with a moisture detector to deliver just the right amount water to each individual area. Always water during cooler evening hours.


The use of chemicals, whether it’s fertilizer, an herbicide or insecticide, can do irreparable damage to lawns and other plantings.

Inappropriate Planting

Installing the wrong type of plant in the environment can quickly lead to several problems. Some spread quickly, overgrow their neighbors, and become invasive. Others need different growing conditions than where they’ve been installed. Planting too close together creates overcrowding and discourages healthy growth. It also sets up conditions for disease and pests.

Over Trimming

In your pursuit of keeping lawns mowed, trees trimmed and bushes beat back, you can inadvertently over mow, cut and trim. Some types of plantings may be able to slowly recover. Others can’t. Trim and cut judiciously and keep lawns to about 3½ inches. Any shorter and it weakens the roots, resulting in poor growth or death that will leave bare patches.

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