Even though the weather may be warm in South Florida, many plantings take a break before
bursting forth for the spring season. You can help give your landscape a boost and prepare for
spring with a few simple actions. If you’re unable to perform the tasks or don’t feel comfortable
doing so, call a professional.
If you have an irrigation system, now is the time to have it inspected to ensure its in proper
working order, with no broken pipes or sprinkler heads. Part of the inspection should include
the timer to make sure the setting is accurate in terms of run times and duration. If you don’t
have an irrigation system, consider installing one if possible.
Apply mulch to the appropriate areas in the landscape. It will help retain moisture, aid in
minimizing weed growth, help cool the soil, and enrich the soil as it breaks down.
Trim and Prune
Now is the time to have hedges, bushes and trees trimmed and pruned to remove diseased,
damaged or weak limbs. Doing so will promote growth, minimize the potential for broken
limbs, and improve the appearance of the entire landscape. Trimming and pruning also aids in
maintaining the shape and controlling growth of plantings. Have any diseased trees or plantings
De-thatching and aerating a lawn isn’t something that must be done every year, but spring is the
proper time to do so if needed. It helps prevent disease, aids in creating strong root growth,
and allows nutrients to enter the soil for use by the grass. Lawns should be fertilized the second
week after new growth appears, generally in February or March.
Physically remove any weeds that may have taken root. It’s best to pull them up by hand. Doing
so also has the benefits of getting you some fresh air and exercise.


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