Planning a new landscape or updating an existing one is a fun and exciting time. Unfortunately, many landscapes suffer from overcrowding as individuals try to get all their favorite flowers, bushes, trees and vines in the ground, only to discover their landscape isn’t at all what they envisioned. The following are the top five reasons to hire a landscape designer.

Expert Planning

Landscape designers do more than choose plants. They offer sustainable solutions. They know where to plant trees that will help reduce cooling costs and the type of plants to install that address areas where water collects. The professionals can utilize materials such as permeable pavers to add beauty and return water to the earth instead of puddling. A designer can incorporate irrigation systems and hard features such as swimming pools.

Works Within the Space

It doesn’t matter whether individuals have a small backyard landscape or acres of land to fill, a landscape designer works within the available space to generate ideas from which people can choose.

Site Exam

The type of plantings will depend largely on the soil and surrounding ecosystem. Landscape designers can determine if the soil needs to be amended or if there are any special features in the environment that need to be considered such as drainage issues. The expert will know if a particular bush, flower, tree or vine will thrive in any environment. He/she will also know which plants are best suited for the growing conditions in South Florida.


A landscape designer is able to work with multiple size budgets to create design plans that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Landscaping can be performed all at once or even spread over several years to accommodate specific budgets.


Landscape designers will oversee every detail of the project. They’ll either have their own contractors or will have established relationships with reputable companies to perform the work. They’ll take care of all the details involved, from excavations to planting. If an unforeseen issue arises, they’ll be there to provide solutions.

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