The nature of modern mulch has changed radically over the years. While wood mulch is still the choice that’s most often used, many people aren’t even aware of the many options that are now available. A professional landscaper will know the composition of the soil and can choose the best mix. A professional will also know if a particular type is toxic to pets, such as mulch made from roasted cocoa bean shells.

Hardwood chips and shreds – The mulch is a byproduct created from paper and lumber industries. It’s a favorite in woodland settings and pathways, works well in areas that collect water, and on slopes. It can last up to three years before it needs to be reapplied, is inexpensive, and is lighter in color.

Cedar chips and shreds – Cedar mulch is darker in color and widely available. It gives landscaping a more manicured look. It’s not a good choice for soil with a low pH, but it’s good at repelling fungus, bacteria and insect pests.

Pine chips, shreds, needles and “straw” – In any form, it’s a good mulch for plants that like acidic soil. It’s a good choice for slopes and breaks down slowly compared to other mulches. Many people find the silvery color of aging pine mulch unattractive.

Lava Rock – It’s light, airy and has a pleasing color, but is best used around plants that are low maintenance. It lasts forever, but is difficult to remove if homeowners change their mind.

Stone – This can create an elegant and formal effect. When dark colored stones are used they absorb heat and speed up soil evaporation. Lighter colored stones don’t absorb as much heat. Stone is typically used in Southwestern type gardening environments.

Seaweed – It’s particularly beneficial in hot, dry locations but is more difficult to obtain. It acts as an organic fertilizer, doesn’t contain seeds, lightens soil, and repels insects, especially slugs.

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