Potential customers abound in the landscaping business, but they have to know about the company before they can hire them. That requires networking, marketing, and building brand recognition. It’s not a process that happens overnight. Even the largest and most well-known landscapers must continually work to acquire new customers. The following are tips for drumming up new business.

No Job Is Too Little

There’s a wealth of smaller projects just waiting for landscapers. They’re especially beneficial for young and smaller companies as a means of gaining brand recognition, obtaining online reviews and getting the company’s name out to the public.

Websites and Social Media

A website is essential since the majority of customers will perform an online search before making a call. The company website is an important and effective marketing tool to announce anything from referral programs to veteran discounts. It’s the equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising – one of the most effective advertising methods available. Don’t neglect social media marketing, it’s a powerful tool.

Start Advertising Early

Don’t wait until spring is in full bloom to get the company’s name in front of potential clients. People begin planning their projects early and companies need to advertise any discounts or special deals before the landscaping season begins in earnest through any means possible to call attention to the business.

Focus on Customer Needs

This requires that the company understands the demographic they’re serving and their unique needs, while highlighting the company’s services. Customers may want lawns seeded, fertilized or mowed; flowers, vines, bushes and trees planted; irrigation systems installed; or pest control performed. They may also be seeking a whole new makeover for their property.

Empathy and Customer Service

It’s critical that landscapers listen, understand and empathize with clients. Individuals will state what they want, but there’s typically an underlying and unspoken desire of what they want to accomplish through the work. It can take time to draw clients out and determine their pain points. It’s well worth the effort for landscapers to take that time to get to know and understand their client.

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