Professional landscapers and designers utilize a color wheel when creating projects for their clients and you can do the same. It’s important to note that professionals also consider other principles encompassing scale, texture, form, proportion, and line in their creations. They visualize how the plants will appear during their yearly transitional phases for a complete sense of unity.

Interplay of Color

No landscape is a solid shade of color. The foliage of each tree, bush, vine, and flower has its own hue of green. It’s important to consider how each shade of green will appear next to each other to create contrast and unity.

The Color Wheel

The wheel is divided into four different color categories. They are the primary colors of red, yellow and blue; secondary colors of green, purple and orange; tertiary colors that are a blend of the first two categories; and neutral colors of white, gray and silver. Some categories of colors only appear at certain times of the year, depending upon the planting.

Warm and Cool Colors

Colors can be categorized into warm vs. cool colors. They can be used to influence the mood of a landscape. Blue, green, and purple are cool colors that are calming and relaxing. Warm colors are red, yellow and orange that are exciting, refreshing, and rejuvenating in nature. All the colors can be used in specific ways. Warm and cool color combinations can make a small yard appear larger, while combinations of warm colors will have the opposite effect.

Contrast or Unity

A single color group can be used throughout an area for unity. Colors that are directly across from each other on the color wheel can create a unique form of unity of complementary pairing. Harshly contrasting colors can be jarring, but planting a transitional color between the two can help bridge the gap and make it less so.


Whites, creams, and grays are the neutrals and can be used in various ways. They can create a softening effect for warm colors or be utilized exclusively as part of a monochromatic color scheme. Gardens of white and cream are often called moon gardens and designed for nighttime viewing as they appear ethereal by moonlight.

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