One of the most overlooked options in the landscape is vines. They provide shade when grown over a trellis and they’re a source of food for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Vines offer cover for birds and their blossoms can put on a spectacular display of color.

Many people avoid vines in the mistaken belief that represent too much work or they’re too invasive. While some can require more effort than others, vines can be trimmed and pruned to limit their growth and their fragrance and beauty are well worth the time. Some of the most popular vines are the following.

Clematis – This vine is easy to keep within bounds, but can grow up to 20 feet in height. Flowers come in red, blue, yellow, pink, purple and bi-color. Blooms can be single, double, or bell-shaped.

Honeysuckle – The vine has sweet-smelling blooms particularly attractive to birds, bees and butterflies, with autumn fruits that attract larger birds. Shrub varieties can attain a height of 15 feet, vining types can grow up to 25 feet high with support, but it can also be trimmed to a desired height. Blossoms come in red, yellow, orange and white.

Jasmine – Its fragrance is easily recognizable from its use in perfumes. Growing 15 to 30 feet depending on the species, it has star-shaped white blossoms that can scent an entire area. Flower colors encompass red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, pink and white.

Wisteria – This is one of the easiest to grow and can be trained over a trellis or pruned into a small specimen tree. Depending on the species, it can have fragrant flower clusters of white, pink, lavender and violet ranging from 6-36 inches in length. It grows quickly and can reach 30 feet in height with proper support.

Despite a reputation for rampant growth, vines can be trimmed and pruned to remain at specific heights or left to ramble over pergolas, pagodas, trellises and fences. They add beauty and grace to landscapes and an abundance of showy, fragrant blossoms to please people and pollinators.

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