Installing a new landscape is exciting as individuals look out upon their environment and envision all the beauty and activities they can enjoy. A new landscape is a delicate environment that requires some specialized care for it to grow and flourish. Proper watering is one of the most important elements, but it has to be performed carefully.


If a programmable irrigation system has been installed, the professionals can set it to provide the appropriate amount of moisture at the right times. The irrigation system will deliver different amounts of water in each area to accommodate the needs of different plantings.

Watering By Hand

The process is trickier if individuals are watering the landscape on their own. Smaller landscapes also benefit from an irrigation system. Watering by hand should be performed at night when it’s cooler to avoid evaporation. For lawns, individuals shouldn’t let the top ½ inch of soil dry out until the grass is at least 1 inch in height.

For those using a hose or a sprinkler that attaches to a hose, the landscape will need to be watered every day for the initial 2 weeks following planting – unless a substantial rain is received. After the first month, watering can be reduced to 2 to 3 times per week. Apply about ¾ of an inch of moisture per watering session.

New flower beds also need moisture. Pelting them with a stream of water from a hose will accomplish little other than to damage plants. The best option is a trickle or soaker hose that gently delivers moisture at the soil level.


One of the biggest mistakes individuals make when watering their new landscape is overwatering. Doing so increases water bills unnecessarily. Too much water at one time won’t be able to soak into the soil to benefit plantings. Instead, it simply pools, puddles, and creates runoff onto driveways, sidewalks and the street.

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