Standing water is becoming a far greater problem than it has been in the past. Nature will typically find a way to rid itself of excess water. New home and business developments are changing the way that nature responds, leading to puddling and localized flooding. For those experiencing any of those problems, there are solutions.

Wise Watering

One of the most common sources of standing water is overwatering. Those with sprinkler systems that discover puddling should have an irrigation specialist check the system. Heads can become damaged and misaligned. The same is true for modern systems with moisture detection technology. The water flow to certain areas may need to be adjusted.

Thatch Buildup

Grass clippings and other organic materials can build up between the soil and the green zone of lawns. It occurs when organic material builds up faster than it can decompose. That buildup is known as thatch and can prevent water from penetrating the soil.

Rain Garden

One way to address excess water when a yard contains a slope and water collects is to create a rain garden. It catches rainwater, helps the soil absorb it, and can attract bees, birds and butterflies with the right plantings.

A rain garden filters water before it reaches streams, rivers and other waterways. It facilitates drainage and may even qualify individuals for a government rebate. A rain garden is a highly effective and inexpensive way to manage water and improve the environment.

Drainage System

Individuals may need to have professionals design and install a drainage system, depending on the topography of the property. It can involve installing underground pipes to channel water away and into storm drains. People can also choose what’s known as a French drain system, a gravel filled trench that directs water away from a home or business.

Dry Well

The technique is simple. It’s a deep hole filled with rocks. Water flows into the well, drains through the rocks and into the soil. It’s a good long-term solution and inexpensive. A dry well can be combined with a French drain system.

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