Homeowners see their house every day and it’s easy to become accustomed to viewing exterior flaws that potential buyers would find objectionable. There’s only one opportunity to make a first impression and that’s also true of homes. Individuals don’t have to spend a fortune to increase the curb appeal of their domicile and there are easy ways to make a house more attractive to buyers.


Exposed trash cans, electrical boxes, generators and central air units are unsightly. Electrical boxes can be painted to match the siding on the home, while other features can be hidden with a stylish fence or panel.


Painting the front door will brighten the appearance and make it stand out from others. Be sure to match the color to the rest of the home. A new and distinctive door knob completes the picture and owners can choose from traditional or digital locks. Remove cobwebs and debris from around entryways. Consider a welcoming wreath on the front door.


Some cheerful flowering plants along walkways and by doorways offer an inviting image. Be sure to clip or trim any hedges or bushes, paying particular attention to those that may obstruct views. Keep the lawn groomed and edgings neatly trimmed.


It’s easy to overlook gutters, but don’t forget to give them a thorough cleaning to remove debris. Scrubbing the outside will restore them to a near new appearance.

House Numbers

The numbers on the home need to be clear and obvious. Try a trendy style that matches the architecture of the home, but something that grabs attention.


Adding some attractive motion sensor lighting will enhance appeal and safety. LED bulbs are especially desirable as they emit more light than traditional bulbs and they’re more economical to operate.


Installing a new, stylish mailbox is a small change that can make a major difference in perception, whether it’s a free-standing model or attached to the house.

Outdoor Furnishings

Too little outdoor furniture gives the impression that no one wants to spend time there, while too much creates a cluttered look. Make sure that existing furniture is clean and in good condition – if not, remove it.

Power Washing

Schedule a power wash for the exterior of the home, or rent one as a DIY project, to remove built up dirt, grime and algae.

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