There are hundreds of places where weeds can crop up. Good weed control begins with appropriate precautions. There are numerous methods that can be utilized to minimize weed growth in lawns, flowerbeds and gardens that that doesn’t rely on chemicals.

Till the Soil

Tilling and turning the soil between plants makes it more difficult for weeds to root. It’s a strategy that should only be performed by landscaping professionals. They have the knowledge and experience to do so without inadvertently spreading weed seeds.


In addition to impeding weed growth, mulching aids in retaining moisture for desirable plants. As the mulch breaks down and decomposes, it contributes to the health of the soil.

Landscape Fabric/Plastic Sheets

Landscape fabric is constructed with very tiny holes that allow water to flow through to the soil while blocking shoots from weeds. It’s best used in conjunction with mulch. Plastic sheeting can be laid in flower beds to block weed growth. Cutouts in the plastic allow for the planting of desirable plants in specific ways.


Using edging around plant beds and along drives and walkways prevents weeds from sending roots into unwanted areas and spreading.

Autumn Care

Many common weeds are dead by the autumn. Reseeding a lawn is one method that can be employed in the fall to help combat weeds. As the grass seed germinates and attempts to spread its roots, it will help block weeds that are trying to rejuvenate themselves and make it more difficult for them to take root in the spring.

It’s essential that the seeds from weeds not be allowed to be disseminated to sow themselves in other locations. The best way to accomplish that is by eliminating them before they have time to flower and spread or by burning stalks. A single dandelion has the ability to produce 15,000 seeds every year and they have a high germination rate.

A thick and healthy lawn will reduce the growth of weeds through the simply expedient of crowding them out. Groundcovers are also an option to minimize weeds. The truth is that weeds exploit any open area. There’s no way to completely and permanently prevent weeds, but they can be significantly reduced.

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