Anyone with a patch of green knows how easy it is for weeds to appear in their lawn and flowerbeds, no matter how hard they work to eliminate them. Most people consider a weed to be a wild plant, but even cultivated species can earn the designation of weed if it’s growing where it’s not wanted.

Prevention is essential, as seeds can be carried great distances by the wind, birds, and other wildlife. Any soil that’s been disturbed or lacks mulch is fertile ground for weeds to take hold. The quicker that property owners detect weed growth, the easier it will be to prevent a major infestation.


This is a method that utilizes living plants to suppress weed growth rather than eradicating it. Groundcovers are an excellent solution for large spaces. There are groundcovers that will grow in virtually any soil, many of which have blossoms that attract pollinators that include bees and butterflies.


It’s easy to obtain herbicide sprays for home use that kill multiple types of weeds. However, the chemicals are dangerous to children, pets, and the individual performing the application will need to take precautions to prevent the spray from making contact with their skin. Another disadvantage is that some chemical weed killers will also kill desirable plants if the applicator isn’t careful. Granular herbicides that target lawn weeds are also available.


The only tool individuals may need for mechanical elimination of weeds is a shovel so they can dig them up. Mechanical methods also include simply pulling up the offending growth. The best method is digging. While a great number of plants proliferate through seeds, others do not. Many weeds spread through the growth of underground rhizomes. These types of weeds are especially difficult to eradicate.


Mulching is one of the easiest ways to prevent weed growth in flower beds. It’s environmentally-friendly, enriches soil, and conserves moisture. Crushed stone and gravel are another mulching alternative that’s effective and can be used to create stand-out beds.

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