A lot has been said about the powerful effects of a beautifully designed landscape on employee moral and productivity. Multiple studies have proven the beneficial effects, but few business owners think about the effect landscaping has on retaining established customers, acquiring new clients, or the overall value of their enterprise.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal isn’t just for homes. Perception is everything and landscaping is equally applicable for commercial endeavors. A landscape that’s well cared for and inviting welcomes established customers and subconsciously imparts an air of enhanced professionalism. Studies have shown that more than 70 percent of individuals interviewed would conduct commerce with businesses that incorporated trees and flowers in their surroundings.

Increased Value

Including green spaces in business environments adds to property values. It’s equally true whether it’s an office building or a housing complex. Available outdoor spaces are essentially an expansion of the business environment. Companies that ignore the potential inherent in professional landscaping are effectively sending clients to their competitors.

Without green spaces, the perception of customers is that of an enterprise that cares only about the financial side of the business. Today’s customers are more likely to conduct business with companies that utilize green spaces. Depending on the building, it can also aid in lessening heating/cooling costs.

Healthy, Happy Employees

Flowers and trees are an easy way to brighten outdoor atmospheres. Numerous research projects have proven that employees are happier, experience less stress, and are more productive when companies provide attractive outdoor features. That translates into reduced healthcare costs and it’s beneficial in attracting the best talent to businesses.

Green Marketing

Companies erect signage to let people know where they’re located ranging from potential employees to delivery drivers. What many business owners don’t know is that landscaping around the signage makes the company more easily identifiable. Flowers and shrubs are an easy way for business owners to call attention to their enterprise and stand out from competitors. It’s a form of green marketing that’s highly effective and often overlooked.

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