Planning a new landscape is fun and exciting, but without a landscape design drawing serious problems can arise. A landscape design drawing is essentially a floor plan of how the property appears. It shows where man-made and natural elements are located, and it’s properly scaled for distance and size.

Without a design drawing, there’s no way of knowing if planned features will actually fit into the landscape, if trees will be too close to structures, or if they’ll interfere with utility infrastructures. A design drawing also enables people to make accurate estimates about the cost of their intended project.

Do-it-yourself fans can purchase software programs to help in the process. The software ranges from simple to extremely complex. However, not all programs provide the needed tools to accurately plan a project.

The landscape design drawing begins with creating an outline of the project area. It may include an entire yard or just a portion of it. Each pertinent facet of the project area should be included from outbuildings and fences to rocks, power poles and other features that won’t be moved. The idea is to create a visual representation of the project area.

Add existing elements slowly and ensure that their size is accurately represented within the plan. Once the design drawing has those features, the new elements for the landscape can be added. That includes trees, flowers, shrubs or hardscapes such as fountains, ponds, patios and walkways.

Bear in mind that wanting a particular tree or plant and being able to have it in the landscape can be two very different things. Professional designers work with plant experts that are knowledgeable about the growth habits of an extensive variety of species. The mature version of a tree or bush may not fit into the allotted space. Installing it would be a waste of money. A professional landscaping company can advise individuals about their choices and suggest alternatives when needed.

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