The sound of water has a biological connection to the human body and the brain itself. The sound of water, or even the sight of water without sound, causes the brain to release neurochemicals that have a calming effect. Adding a waterfall to your landscape beautifies the environment and has a wealth of health-related benefits.

There are multiple styles of waterfalls from which to choose and the water feature doesn’t have to be large or elaborate to enhance the landscape. A waterfall can be freestanding design, lodged against a wall, or added to a corner of a swimming pool. A waterfall can also be designed as part of an in-ground reflection pool.

One of the best reasons to add a waterfall to your landscape is that it’s a great way to melt away stress. Multiple studies have demonstrated that the sound of water promotes wellness by lowering blood pressure, improving circulation, and inducing relaxation.

Waterfalls make wonderful focal points within the landscape where you can gather with family and friends. They can be customized in a wide variety of ways to reflect personal tastes and style preferences. Lighting can be incorporated for a unique appearance and they provide texture within the landscape.

A waterfall is a feature that can be adapted to fit into virtually any area, even awkward spaces that you don’t normally use, making the area more functional and adding visual interest. They’re economical to operate and won’t increase your water bill since the water is continually recirculated.

The water feature will be an enhancement to the natural ecosystem. If you’re a fan of wildlife, you’ll find that a waterfall will attract a variety of bird species and dragonflies that eat undesirable insects that include mosquitoes.

Waterfalls are beautiful, add interest and texture to any landscape, and the sound of water calms the mind, body and spirit. The sight and sound of a waterfall has a profound effect on the environment and the human body that’s healthy and restful.

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