Floridians are well-aware of the dangers that hurricane season brings from June through November of each year. Having trees trimmed in anticipation of the hurricane season will aid in preventing damage from limbs that can become damaging and even deadly projectiles during tropical storms.

A strong, healthy, and well-rooted tree may manage to withstand the sustained winds of a hurricane without toppling, but there may still be weakened or diseased branches and limbs. They’re often not immediately obvious to the untrained eye.

During the violent storms, limbs can be ripped from trees and blown long distances through the air. Those limbs can cause damage to an individual’s home, business, or that of a neighbor. Once on the ground, limbs also have the potential to block roads and prevent police or medical professionals from responding in the emergency.

While there’s no way to hurricane-proof a landscape against every type of damage the storms can leverage, having a professional examine trees and remove any weak, sick, or damaged limbs is a critical step to minimize property damage. Some types of trees are better at withstanding the wind forces that accompany a hurricane and there are some that are at more risk than others.

Trees with a dense canopy, those that are dead or dying, have suffered insect damage, have double trunks, young trees, and new plantings are at increased risk and should be examined by a professional tree trimmer. If individuals are in any doubt about their trees, they can also seek the services of an arborist.

Yearly maintenance and trimming is essential for the health of any tree and will ensure they’re better able to withstand the ravages of a hurricane. Trees that have been well cared for and trimmed appropriately are more resilient to insect pests and breakage during a hurricane.

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