Trees provide a wealth of benefits within the environment and most people believe that once a tree has been planted and is growing, the work ends there. Trees are stalwarts of the environment, but even trees need some help in the form of judicial trimming. It’s best to seek the assistance of a professional for the task as inexperienced trimming can kill a tree.


Trimming a tree eliminates weak branches and limbs to strengthen the overall tree. It’s especially important in South Florida where the potential exists for hurricanes. Trimming better prepares a tree to withstand high winds and other stressors.


Weak limbs and branches can easily break and high winds compound the problem. They present a danger to people, pets and property. Professional trimming eliminates weak crotches, crossed limbs, and branches and limbs that are dead or dying. Addressing those types of problems must be done carefully to maintain the health of the tree and prevent damage to surroundings.


Trees need sufficient sunlight for photosynthesis to occur and trimming is an easy way to open up the canopy. It allows the inside of the tree to receive more sunlight. A lack of sunlight within the canopy can lead to dead branches.

Disease and Insects

Trees that are well-trimmed and healthy are more resistant to disease and insect infestations. If trees do become infected, trimming safely removes affected parts of the tree and helps prevent disease and insect pests from spreading to other plantings. It’s also helpful for detecting potential problems early.

Structure and Appearance

Some trees grow as textbook examples of their species while others do not. Trimming improves the appearance and structure of the tree, gently steering and shaping its growth in the desired direction. An expert tree trimmer knows what the appearance of each species should be and has the expertise to keep trees looking beautiful, which adds value to properties.

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