Creating a beautiful environment can be accomplished through a professional landscaping company, but many people prefer a do-it-yourself approach. There are numerous articles about the importance of planting bushes close to homes to discourage would-be intruders or creating flower beds against homes to improve curb appeal. However, plantings of any type should never touch your home and there are very good reasons for that.

Rodents and Insects

Bushes leaning against the home and flower beds that touch are an open invitation to rodents and a myriad of insects from ants and termites to spiders and mosquitoes. Close plantings also attract wildlife that feed on those pests.


Bushes and flower beds create a somewhat shaded and moist environment in which multiple types of mold will flourish. Mold spores travel into the home no matter how careful you are and most of the time it’s not a problem. Elevated levels are a health consideration for those with allergies and respiratory conditions, along with those undergoing cancer treatments or who have a comprised immune system.

Siding and Exteriors

When plantings brush or rub against structure exteriors, it increases the wear and tear on those areas. Over time, the areas of contact appear older and are more susceptible to damage from storms. One planting that’s especially detrimental to homes is ivy. As it clings and climbs, it can break through paint, push through and penetrate siding, and crumble brick. It creates an environment where mold can grow and pockets where insect pests can nest.

Fire Hazard

In areas prone to forest fires, plantings that are very close to homes and buildings present a fire hazard. Even if you don’t live in a fire-prone area, if a fire occurs at your home, plantings against your house and other structures make it easier for flames to spread to surrounding homes.


The goal of landscaping is to create a beautiful environment around your home and property. Plantings that are too close to structures or leaning against them detract from curb appeal and gives the perception of a home that’s not cared for or well-maintained.

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