There’s nothing quite like the feeling of working the soil to help plants grow. There are also a number of maintenance tasks that will need to be performed in the landscape such as cutting back vines and bushes, or trimming and pruning trees to keep them healthy and attractive. Before jumping into any outdoor tasks, it’s important for individuals to have the right tools for the job.

Protective Clothing

Protective clothing encompasses a variety of items for performing yard work. Canvas work pants or jeans protect legs against flying grass when mowing or weed eating. Long-sleeved shirts provide the same protections for arms.

For those that will be digging in the soil, using compost or applying manure, or mulching, gloves are critical. They protect against injuries ranging from splinters to thorns, but there’s an even more serious reason for gloves. Soil can contain a variety of naturally occurring bacteria, fungi and viruses that can make people very ill.


From tree pruning to cleaning the gutters, the potential always exists for a fall. Those accidents result in thousands of instances of injuries, disability and even fatalities across the nation each year. There are different types of protective helmets available that are specially developed for protection while performing specific tasks.


Noise-canceling headphones are more than a convenience, they protect your hearing from permanent damage through exposure to the high decibel levels of lawnmowers, weed whackers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, and chippers. The best solution is a set of specially designed headphones, but even plastic, foam or silicone earplugs are preferable to no protection at all.


Any type of electric or motorized garden tool has the ability to sling debris into the eyes of the user and anyone else nearby. A good pair of safety goggles is an essential pre-emptive tool for preventing injuries to the eyes. Safety eyeglasses are also available, but don’t provide the same level of protection as goggles.

Other Tools

Yard work can encompass a great many tasks and no one should be without hand tools. They can include a rake, hoe, shears, and small hand tools such a trowel and a long-handled tool for harvesting fruit from home orchards. A small sprayer makes the application of liquid fertilizer, insecticides and herbicides much easier. Don’t forget to include a wheelbarrow for transporting anything around the yard.

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