South Florida residents are proud of their lawns and rightly so. During the winter months when other U.S. locations are suffering with cold and snow, Florida temperatures are warm, mild, and green things are still growing. A big concern for many residents is managing their lawn during cooler months and the No. 1 rule is don’t cut it as often.

Many people have lawns comprised of warm-season grasses, such as St. Augustine grass, which tends to grow much slower in cooler winter temperatures. For that reason, ryegrass is often overplanted so lawns will remain vibrant and green. Ryegrass is a cool-weather grass that does great during South Florida winters for a green lawn year-round.


It’s important for individuals to understand that their lawn will need less mowing during the winter months. Cutting it too often will result in a lawn that appears weak and unhealthy. Even ryegrass, which grows well in cooler weather, will still grow at a slower rate. Warm weather St. Augustine grass will still continue to grow during colder months, but at a much slower rate.


Another factor that affects lawn growth and frequency of mowing in the winter is rainfall. October to May is the dry season in Florida and less rain means slower grass growth. Lawns typically need about 1 inch of rain during winter months.

That amount provides enough moisture to reach the roots without saturating the soil and creating runoff. If precipitation falls below that level, those with irrigation systems will need to have them adjusted to deliver the appropriate amount of water.

A word of warning about fertilizer – don’t do it during the winter. Fertilizing the lawn during winter won’t make the grass grow better, longer or lusher and can actually harm it. Lawns should be maintained at a height of about 3 inches for optimal health.

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